20 Priorities for the European Parliament

We have determined the 20 most important issues on which we want to focus at the European Union level.
Europe needs FREEDOM
  1. Preserving the freedom of movement within the EU: We will defend the single European market of goods and services, as well as the possibility to seamlessly travel and work abroad.
  2. Protecting Europe from both external and internal threats: We will strengthen external borders and common defense policy. We will support investment in open-source technologies to ensure cybersecurity.
  3. Internet without censorship: We need to fundamentally reform copyright. Shifting responsibility for shared content towards providers is a step back which unfairly favors major internet companies.
  4. We stand up to authoritarians who threaten democracy: The peace in Europe has to be protected from dictators and extremists.
Europe needs UPGRADE
  1. EU transparent and closer to people: Everybody needs easy access to information about the work of MEPs. We will give people the opportunity to comment on proposals online.
  2. Meaningful decision-making: We will keep local decision-making from moving unnecessarily to higher levels. We do not want the EU to drown in bureaucracy.
  3. Comfortable movement within Europe: We will support the construction of high-speed railways and other infrastructure for efficient interconnection of the Czech Republic and the European network.
  4. Support and development of Erasmus: We will support more international exchanges for teachers and high school students, which help develop their language skills and strengthen international cooperation.
Europe needs PROSPERITY
  1. Companies must pay taxes where they do business: We will fight against tax evasion of big corporations and stand against tax havens.
  2. Transparent management of European finances: Europe needs strict and clear rules for funding and for lobbying activities.
  3. Reform of the common agricultural policy: Subsidies for big agricultural concerns need to have a financial limit. Saved resources can be invested in the development of regions in need and rural areas.
  4. Europe as a technological leader: We will support small and middle-sized businesses and the development of modern technologies. We do not want limiting rules for patents to stand in the way of innovations.
  1. We will support reasonable solutions for drought and other impacts of the climate change: We will initiate the development and use of new technologies and cleaner energy sources by reducing fossil fuel dependency and by sensible energy savings.
  2. Grow food, not fuel: We support sustainable agriculture and improvement of soil quality, animal welfare and biodiversity. Subsidies should be made conditional upon a sustainable approach to land and they should support regional development, not large agro-corporations.
  3. We want people to decide about their lives and environment: We will promote a stronger citizen engagement in environment-related decision-making. We want more transparent decision-making processes and better public awareness.
  4. A modern approach to waste: The best waste is the one never created. We will support ecodesign, better durability of products, easy recycling and further utilisation of waste.
Europe needs EQUALITY
  1. We are not the junkyard of Europe: We deserve the same quality of food and consumer goods as the rest of Europe.
  2. Equal access to digital services: We will promote a single digital market without borders and for services such as Internet broadcasting to not be restricted by country of residence.
  3. Equal opportunities for women and men: We will focus on a healthy work-life balance and support for caregivers.
  4. Fair work environment for everyone: We are against the exploitation of cheap labor by agencies. We will promote better job opportunities by investing in lifelong learning.

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